Self-Care Ambassador

I have been invited to become a Self-Care Ambassador to inspire individuals to feel more in control of their health and wellbeing.

Each month Self-Care Ambassadors contribute blogs to Health Storylines via

The purpose of the FREE Health Storylines app is to help people improve their quality of life through tracking their own data.

I stumbled on this app at a time I needed it most. It allows me to keep on top of symptoms, diet, track mood, the number of steps I achieve each day, listen to a meditation, write into a journal and even keep a check on stool health! Yup, it’s pretty amazing. Each day it shows your progress in the form of a graph. I love it!

The tools form part of Health Storylines, which can help anyone track their health progress. So I  hope you will join me on this new blog venture that focuses on health and wellbeing using the app. Join me tracking your health using this link:

Health Storylines has launched its first podcast called ‘Real Health Stories.’  Every month it will interview a new user who will share their story and experiences with the hopes of inspiring others.

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