It’s as easy as drinking water

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.”

Slovakian proverb

Ever notice when you’re around water you feel calm and more at peace? Perhaps it’s the sound of the waves as they crash against the shore, or the way water feels against your skin. Scientists are still trying to work out the link between water and well-being but studies have shown that people who live near the ocean believe they have better health and feel less stress than those who don’t.  

One study, carried out by the University of Exeter, suggested the calming atmosphere of being around water promoted a more positive outlook.

So if just being around water has such a favourable outcome, what are the health benefits of drinking it?

Apparently the quantity of water we drink has a direct impact on our immune system. Medical News Today explains that ALL cells and organs of the body need water to function properly, including to:

  • Lubricate the joints
  • Form saliva
  • Deliver oxygen throughout the body
  • Cushion the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Produce hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Help food pass through the intestines
  • Flush body waste

Given water can do great wonders, it only seems logical to make the next Health Storylines challenge about monitoring how much water we drink.

Just take a five-day snapshot of how much you consume. Don’t try to drink more, just use the app to track your daily water intake to find out your normal.

Click on this link to get started. If you haven’t already, add the Health Routine Builder tool, under the Organisation and Reminder category. Then it is as simple as selecting “Add to your routine”, which allows you to type in the name of the new routine, for example: Drink 8 cups of water daily.

This is a great way to motivate and help you to achieve your goal!

Don’t forget to click on this link to join me. Then return here tomorrow to find out even more reasons why drinking water improves your health.

Judy Wilkinson has used the Health Storylines app since being diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumours of the small intestine in 2016. After more than a year documenting her health via the app, she has become a Self-Care Ambassador as part of a pilot to encourage others to track their health. 

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