Reach out and influence somebody

Nothing is so potent as the influencer. And in the brave new media world, we can’t escape it, so we may as well embrace it! Everyone needs an influencer or two in their lives.

CarnegieTo get ahead, we need the people who share content at the click of a button, that person to spruik our brand, even write a review across sites. If it wasn’t for the influencer, the SHARE button wouldn’t exist. Generation LIKE is here to stay, and they’ve become the most influential group in social media’s short history.

For big business the influencer is found in-house. They’re the people producing content marketing, the hottest digital marketing phrase to come out of 2012-13. As Chris Lake wrote ‘brands have been producing regular content for many years, and already appreciate the value of blogs, surveys and videos. They understand the power of content and understand how it can attract the right kind of attention.’

Influential_anonymousContent marketing produced by big business is overt for sure. But like this anonymous quote, at right, individuals and small business would agree, if people aren’t aware of one’s influence… maybe just maybe you’ll be more influential.

So if we’re not a big business and we want to be influential without being overt, how do we attract influencers who will turn OUR content to OUR advantage? Not everyone is great at marketing content.

There’s one easy step we can take. It’s using a common phrase seen in emails these days when asking someone to act as an influencer for your business: I just wanted to reach out to you.

It’s that simple. I call it the social media catch-cry for attracting business. If you’re trying to influence someone insert the word reach out and if they respond with this line: Thank you for reaching out to me, chances are you’re in. They’re listening, and chances are you’re listening too! It’s the cue for scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

In social media terms, it’s follow me, share my post, tag my picture, LIKE me, select the LOVE heart or link back to me and I’ll do the same!

Thank you for reaching out to me means they want to know more, they’re asking and you’re gonna tell them. When you do, you attach your promo, press release or include the latest line needing to be pushed to get your business noticed. You expect they’re going to tell someone else about you or your business at the next opportunity, or take the time to provide links or information that could be useful.

It’s the old word-of-mouth promotion that existed pre-internet but its newfound power in an online social media world can’t be ignored. Better get amongst it.

Judy Wilkinson is a freelance writer and blogger who is in the United States attempting to influence others to support a Halloween venture!

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