Just go with the online buzz

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.— William Shakespeare

Avoid being bottled in by the crowd

Avoid being bottled in by the crowd

You have to sit back in awe of the social media tools on offer. They just keep getting more powerful. So you’d be crazy if you didn’t tap them for all their worth to get your message out online.

Despite this it is hard to be heard when there’s so many competing for the same social media space. It’s an individual revolution that can’t be ignored and doesn’t appear to have a saturation point!

Don’t give up. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and while on that journey best ignore the non-believer. How in this digital day and age can people think social media is a passing fad?

Sitting a world away in California typing madly to repurpose content for 14 different social media outlets, I appreciated listening to satellite radio to pick up Aussie broadcasts … until a stand-in commentator invited listeners to call in to explain why Facebook and the like were so important. He didn’t get it.

It was the slow midnight slot in Melbourne and I desperately wanted to get through. Frustrated I listened to all those who did get on the show talk about how they detested social media.

Of course, few even had a Facebook account. Where was the balance in bringing an even debate to this subject, educate listeners and especially such a luddite radio jock. All I could think was he still believes he’s working for “old media” and has failed to grasp a future that’s well-and truly arrived.

Despite concerns about bundling social media together under one account [read previous blog Mass social media cyber threat], there’s no denying  individuals and companies can’t afford to ignore the influence of one joining forces under such a powerful collective.

So the present state-of-social-media play for anyone wanting to get into this space to effect change, is this:

  • Get a grip on the power of social media
  • Learn about every medium that’s out there
  • Tap into all and sundry to get your voice heard

Simple. However you really need to research which are best for you or your business.

Listen for the Thunderclap!

Listen for the Thunderclap!

The small start-up I’m involved with has been considering Crowdsourcing as a way to raise funds to do bigger things but given our business is seasonal, based on an annual event, we’ve opted to launch a campaign on Thunderclap.

It’s a way to combine social media to achieve a goal. Our small campaign if successful will achieve a big outcome. And it’s free.

All we need do was define our goal, which for us was twofold: Yes, get the maximum 500 Facebook page likes AND gain the necessary exposure to the online masses to rise above the online crowd spruiking about Halloween.

As Thunderclap’s website says: “If enough people support it [your campaign], Thunderclap will blast out a timed Facebook Post or Tweet from all your supporters, creating a wave of attention.”

It’s been used by the White House, United Nations to Levis … so, as a small-bit player we can only hope our campaign signifies EVERYTHING should we get our 10 minutes of fame.

Judy Wilkinson is a freelance journalist turned app and website developer with one foot, arm and leg in numerous social media camps.

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