Don’t knock the nouveau e-nerds

If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0  – T-Shirt

Standing on the inside looking out!

Standing on the inside looking out!

Yep, I’ve joined the board of e-wisdom.
I just can’t get enough of learning online.
Some are webinars, others are videos,
all allowing me to start-stop as I please.
And that is what’s great about it,
you can laptop, tablet and smart phone
it on the go. Once I’ve downloaded the
course, the webinar waits for me!

I first got hooked on e-learning after being introduced to by British-turned Aussie Twitter guru Steven Lewis.
And the reason I keep going back is every so often I’m offered major discounts [up to 75 per cent] off courses that help improve my skills, anywhere at any time.

So far I’m managed to snare two free courses, and reduce one course by more than $70! I’m hunkered down on all the latest social media courses including Social Media Marketing for Startups given I’m on the path to start-up glory. And then there’s the must-have FREE Learning SEO program but I thought I’d buy Design, Develop & Sell WordPress Themes because it’s another way for me to make money in one of my chosen fields. At only $24, discounted from $97, you’d have to say it’s a bargain.

I’m not anti-social, I’m just not user-friendly  – T-Shirt

Everywhere you look online there’s something out there to help you e-learn. Finding the time to do it all is key and you’d have to agree with a friend of mine that technology has encroached so much on our lives that there’s really no reason to walk out the door.
Don't hide indoors, there's too much e[learning to go around!

Don’t hide indoors, there’s too much e[learning to go around!

If I could I would become a professional student. Instead I’ve joined the nouveau e-nerds and wear the badge proudly. My aim is to be working and earning big bucks, online of course.
So back to Udemy and other providers like it. I’m lovin’ the brave new e-world of studying. At the touch of my tablet, I’m connected to a free language site run by the BBC. Each week sends me interactive videos and course notes I can watch and read at my leisure.

While I’m here in Costa Rica, volunteering to teach English, it is necesario para mí para mejorar mi español so thanks to e-learning sites like the BBC, I’m practicing in the privacy of mi casa before venturing out to talk up a storm with the locals.

And I get to help others. My nouveau e-nerd status means I’m now that go-to person, the one you ask when you don’t have time yourself to find that great website that’ll take your career to the next stellar level. Of course, I don’t have the time either, I’m too busy learning about the value of SEO right now.

Adios, hasta la próxima vez

Judy Wilkinson is a freelance writer who is currently in Central America teaching ESL, trawling websites for others, e-learning about social media while finalising an app and website. Watch this space for the launch date!



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