Just keep working it!

A game of cat and koala!

A game of cat and koala!

There are three rules for writing a novel.
Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.
W. Somerset Maugham

Look and you will find. Makes you think of the word seek, so those smart people from Seek Australia www.seek.com.au got the host name right. Yet there are so many online sites to search jobs, you just need to seek out the right ones. Elance www.elance.com is a great one for people looking to utilise their skills around the world.

It’s a brave new world online. As Elance spruiks: work differently. You have to put in a bid to be considered for the job. Which is difficult at first. I mean how much is your expertise worth when there’s others in developing countries equally as talented and prepared to go as low as it takes.

The answer is to just keep bidding for multiple jobs. Like getting your foot in the door, once you’ve snagged one the rest follow. Since leaving a full-time job I’ve spent much time perusing work-related websites. I’m a member of so many worldwide organisations in need of writers for hire that my inbox at times goes into information overload.

The real skill is sorting the wheat from the chaff. Are these real offers, or just people seeing how low they can outsource a job. One online position cancelled their ad after deciding to do the work in-house. The writing was really on the chalkboard because the employer’s bidding price guide was expressed as “unsure”!

Dream a dream for someone else!

Dream a dream for someone else!

And yet I’m fascinated with the type of jobs on offer via Elance. One woman’s ad was about sending ideas for her mummy blog. If she likes YOUR idea you can send her questions and if she likes YOUR questions you will be invited to interview her over skype and if that all goes well YOU can ghostwrite her blog. She then reads it and if she likes it YOU get to post it up on her site! Of course, she too was unsure of what price guide to provide. And given her surname was theatrical I was intrigued whether she even existed, so I looked up her blog and I guess for young, inspiring nouveau riche mums living in exotic locations it has some value for certain readers.
If only the content was original.

Another “unsure on price” employer needed someone to turn his ebook dream into a reality. He’d written the plot outline, he just wanted someone “with excellent English” to expand it by 60,000-65,000 words. Mmmmmm. I’m not sure I’d want to put the hard yards in unless the ebook ran with both our names.

All this just makes one think about the unreal expectations some people have in life. Take the easy road. I guess if you can, why not. For me there’s nothing more rewarding than putting in the time, whatever it takes, to reap the rewards of coming up with an original idea, expressing your own thought and producing your own content. Yes, I’m old school but at least I’m trying to navigate the new school way of working online!

Judy Wilkinson is a former print journalist turned online freelance writer and ESL volunteer teacher while creating original content for a web and app soon to be launched in 2013.

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