The hidden cost of social media clicks


Life in the fast lane…

New country, new world to navigate is a slogan that rang ever so true the other day when an innocent click on a FREE offer sent my email inbox into overload and my friends phone ringing off the hook!

It was an offer for credit cards. Given the two of us are in the middle of setting up an app and website it seemed prudent to check out what credit cards one might use for all those millions of people who are sure to buy merchandise via our website.

It was a fact-finding mission that got companies from every major city across the United States calling to find out how much credit I needed. And, given the credit rating was linked to my co-founder’s mobile [cell] phone account, I could have asked for anything. They were ready to talk “how much”.

That was until we drilled down to the fact I was here on a B1-B2 visa and not eligible to set up a bank account. But it got me thinking that social media sites can be dangerous places to peruse. An accidental click here and there can set off such a serious chain of events.

Of course I had to supply details such as my email and phone number on the form, which was about “providing information” and not some unleashed and unwanted hounding selling credit via email and cell.

But this also go me thinking about the credit excess that brought down people and companies around the world thanks to the willingness of financial agencies in the US to offer anyone credit, albeit in the form of low-doc loans.

And the credit card offer was linked to new start-ups. Luckily, as yet, no bank has come forth offering me a low-doc start-up loan, though a Bank of America representative gave some great advice on credit cards, hence me going out on this fact-finding mission. You have to have a credit card in the business’s name to gain a credit rating in the US. Without a rating you can’t provide a service or sell goods. So we better organise that business number quick-smart so we can up our ratings!

Judy Wilkinson is a freelance journalist currently blogging her way across the US while finalising work on an app and website to be launched in July. Watch this space to be the first to find out just what the app is about!

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