Get more bang(s) for your buck

A case for and against for keeping it short!

A case for and against for keeping it short!

Trending in the US is speculation Michelle Obama is tiring of her bangs [fringe]. A photo of daughter Malia trying to flatten them down this week gave rise to reports the First Lady’s bangs are on the way out.

Even hairdresser to the stars, Ted Gibson, has coined an interesting term “bang regret” to explain what happens when the fascination with the fringe wanes!

It seems Americans want more easy maintenance bangs for their buck or no bangs at all, so an enterprising hair salon came up with a solution while growing them out or keeping them in check – the bang piece.

Given bangs are hot, hot, hot right now… if New Yorkers don’t have them, but want the ever so sexy look, they can get “guilt-free bangs without the commitment” at the Butterfly Studio Bang Bar on Fifth Avenue.

Founder Kattia Solano says she wanted to take the “fear” out of cutting bangs and introduced the bang piece so that women could experience different looks ahead of going under the scissors.

Even New York magazine has got behind the bang in its “coif finder” article naming salon hairstylists “Bang Experts” and awarding the studio “Best of NY 2013”.

It is destined to be the must-have accessory this northern Spring if interest in ABC News’ Good Morning America report ( is anything to go by. But it comes at a cost. Bang Bar’s HairDo faux fringe cost $US30 take-home or $US68 if styled and blowdried at the salon.

Fellow Australians can get in early this season to start their bang collection, or perhaps just take advantage this Autumn through to Winter to fashion their own.

Either way it looks like the bangs are here to stay despite Michelle Obama now finding them somewhat “irritating”.

If you need some tips on whether to bang or not to bang, the salon provides some expert tips. Go to for a guide to taming the mane.

Judy Wilkinson finally made it to Los Angeles and is currently blogging her way across the US, Central and South America bringing stories on the ground that count locally.

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