Must be April tomFOOLery

Some things seem to take a long time to get off the ground. Six months ago I had huge plans, then things got in the way of those plans, then more things… so many things I felt I was standing at the precipice of a new venture that promised great things only to find myself on the verge of pulling out because things weren’t going to plan!

It was scary. Like looking into a black hole. Thoughts raced around my head: abandon, continue or go ahead regardless?

Surely she who dares wins would [or could] be the glass half-full theory to carry me on … and it did.

But now I’m grounded once more, at the airport. My getaway is delayed 7 hours and counting. It is April 1 in the US where I’m headed, so I can only think that it is some cruel April’s Fool joke that the reliable Qantas ship is being denied release from maintenance.

Really, such an excuse doesn’t give one much faith in even getting on the plane should it manage to take off. It was meant to leave at 2pm, then 4pm, then 5pm to accommodate a cancelled United flight. Now it is 9pm.

So here I sit, six months and nearly 7 hours later still waiting for the adventure to start. Wish me luck, a safe flight and journey ahead 🙂

Freelance journalist Judy Wilkinson promises if she gets out of Sydney and makes it to LA she will spend the next 12 months travelling the depth and breadth of Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America. 

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